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Foam Board Products

Foam Board Standee  

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  • What is Foam Board Standee?

    It is a rectangular/ die-cut piece of foam board mounted on a standee.

  • What can it be used for?

    Marketing material for roadshows or for events like parties, fairs etc.

  • What are the materials of the standee?

    The graphic is printed on sticker mounted 5mm white/ black foam board and attached to a support stand.

  • Can I choose which stand I want for my standee?

    The aluminum stands are only meant for sizes 100cm x 180cm & 80cm x 160cm. A1 - A5 sizes have their individually sized paper standees that are made to match the print size.

  • Is it possible to have the standee without the white border?

    The white border is put in place to retain the integrity of the outline of the design as there is no allowance for bleed, which might cause the final product to have unsightly deformities in its outline.

Foam Board With Clear Eyelet  

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  • What is Foam Board with Clear Eyelet?

    It is a foam board with transparent PVC eyelets that can be attached with string. The see-through eyelets will not block the artwork.

  • What can it be used for?

    Marketing material for roadshows, events and advertising etc. Ideal for places with high ceiling and walls.

  • What is the difference with Clear Eyelet and Metal Eyelet?

    Clear eyelet is transparent and lightweight as opposed to metal which is heavier and will bend the foam board.

  • What are the materials of the foam board?

    The graphic is printed on sticker mounted on 5mm/10mm white and 5mm black foam board.

  • Can it be hanged outdoors?

    It is not recommended for outdoor use as it is not waterproof.

  • Does it come with the string?

    Option to purchase string can be found under the dropdown options.

Poster Products

Backlit Film  

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  • What is Backlit Film?

    It is a type of matte translucent film suitable for lightbox displays.

  • What can it be used for?

    Menu display, Shop signs, movie poster, advertisements, billboard displays and any other lightbox displays.

  • Will my print still be clear if it is not lit?

    Yes, the print is still vibrant if it is not displayed in a lightbox. When it is being lit up, the print will look brighter without compromising its quality.

  • Is the film waterproof?

    It’s water resistant.

  • How long can the colours of the print sustain from long exposure of sunlight?

    The colours of the print are able to sustain up to 5 years in outdoor application where it’s being exposed to direct sunlight.

  • What do you mean by warranty of 5 years?

    If the colours of your print fade before the 5 years are up, we are able to provide a free reprint for you.

Hydroprint ® Poster  

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  • What is Hydroprint?

    HydroPrint® is a coated polyester film (PET). HydroPrint® is waterproof, weatherproof, chemical, alcohol & tear resistant straight from the printer output tray with no need to laminate.

  • What can it be used for?

    Signs, manuals, waterproof maps, industrial tags, plant spikes, shelf strips, ID cards, loyalty cards, and much more.

  • Waterproof specifications?

    Can be submerged in seawater for at least 3 months.

  • Can it be used for outdoor?

    Can be used outdoors for at least 12 to 36 months depending on location.

  • How strong or tear resistant is the paper?

    120 microns A4 size sheet can support a weight of 150 kg.

  • What type of paper is it?

    It is synthetic and does not have a grain direction. Post finishing such as die-cutting, folding, scoring and creasing are possible, avoid drilling.

  • Toy Safety?

    Approved to EN Standards: 71-3:2013 Safety of Toys. Click here for full specs.

Gifts & Decorations

Artist Canvas With Frame  

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  • What is Artist Canvas With Frame?

    It is 3609 Picasso Canvas mounted on wooden frames varying in sizes.

  • What can it be used for?

    Can be printed on and hung on walls or mounted on display systems as signs or decorations

  • What are the specifications of the canvas?

    Canvas has a thickness of 0.42mm and weight of 370gsm, maximum printing size of 1485 mm x 10000 mm. White artistic canvas, based on a cotton / polyester blend for use with solvent, latex or UV inks. Printed surface shows no signs of white-scoring and is mold-free.

  • How resistant is the product?

    The printed product is :

    • Scratch resistant : Resists damage from different objects with which it comes into contact (Sharp or pointed objects)
    • UV resistant : Good Light-fade resistance, resists fading with exposure to UV light
    • Water resistant : Printed graphic resistant to water (Wooden frame is not water resistant)*

  • How is the canvas mounted on the wooden frame?

    The canvas is placed over the frame and the sides are pulled back and stapled down to the back of the frame.

Indoor Bunting  

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  • What is Indoor Bunting?

    It is HydroPrint® poster die cut to various shapes and hung on rope. You can choose to not buy the rope by selecting “None” under the rope option. Each individual bunting is approximately 140mm x 200mm. Rope is 3mm in diameter.

  • Is the buntings adjustable?

    Yes. The buntings can be adjusted easily along the rope as it is not stuck on the rope.

  • Why only indoor?

    It is not recommended for outdoor as it might get readjusted easily by the wind because of the holes on the bunting.

  • What can it be used for?

    Ideal for printing of wordings and hung on walls as decorations for parties, celebrations & events etc.

  • What are the specifications of the print material?

    Please refer here for Hydroprint® specs.

  • Any recommendations regarding setup of the bunting?

    It is recommended to burn the ends of the rope to make it harden and not frayed. This will help to make it easier to insert the rope through the holes of the bunting.

Tote Bag (Beige) With Printing  

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  • What is the bag material?

    It is made with cotton fabric, hence it is not waterproof.

  • How is it printed on?

    It is printed using heat transfer with no white ink.

  • Any precautions when washing?

    Reverse the bag when washing to prolong the artwork.

  • Dimensions of Bag:
    • Bag Size : 40cm x 38cm
    • Handle : 28cm

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