Print By Phone : Everyone Can Print


Can I use your website to crop my image?

Yes, you can crop the image based on the proportional size of the print size when you upload your image.

Can I edit my file on your website?

It is possible. However, our website is only able to cater to minor changes such as cropping and rotating the file to the proportional size.

Is it possible to re-size the file?

You can scale upwards or downwards. You are unable to resize if it is NOT a proportional size. 


How do I upload my file on your website?

Click HERE to see the video.

What is the artwork standard to upload my file?

Click HERE for more information.

I am unable to upload my file to your online order. What should I do?

Firstly, please check your file size. File size exceed 50MB CANNOT be uploaded. If file size DOES NOT exceed, please save the file in PDF or EPS format.

Uploaded my image but it says 'IMAGE QUALITY TOO LOW'. What can I do?

Check and upload a higher resolution file at 150dpi in actual size . If image quality is too low, it may affect both the quality and the resolution of the actual printed product.


I have trouble uploading the file or my file size exceeds 50MB. Can I send you a link instead?

Yes. Kindly send us your Wetransfer/Dropbox link to the 'Additional Instruction' box area.


When I upload my design, will the green lines be printed out as well?

No, it is just a guideline to indicate where the trimming of the product will be held. It is important to upload your files within the green line as images outside the line will be trimmed off during the printing and cutting process.




I have urgent name cards/ A4/A3/ roll-ups to print

Select the products and purchase under RUSH category. Depending on the product, we are able to cater for urgent orders within the given time frame.
*Purchase NOT under RUSH cannot speed up the order without additional surcharges.


I just placed my order. When can I collect the product?

Normal Orders
BEFORE 6pm : Products can only be collected the following working day after 2pm.
AFTER 6pm : Products can only be collected 1 working day later.
*Some products may take up to 2-3 working days to finish


For the label product, is it possible to upload multiple design in 1 order?

Sorry, you are only able to upload 1 design to 1 product at a time. To upload/order more designs/products, go to "Back to catalog".




Do your provide die-cutting and kiss-cutting for stickers?

Sorry, we do not have it yet. We are working on it.


What do I do if payment fail?

Kindly check your information (address, contacts, credit card number ect...) to make sure your information is the same as when you first register.

Click HERE to view example.


How do I know if payment is through?

Click to enlarge the image.



Do you have delivery charges? How much?

$20  for 2 Working Days Delivery
$30 for  Next Day Delivery
$30 for 3 Hours (RUSH items only)
*Monday to Friday only (Exclude Public Holidays)


Do you provide shipping to other countries?

For oversea customers, you may drop us an email of your orders through


Do  you  have  designers  to  design  artwork?

Sorry, we do not have it yet. We are working on it.