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The Print By Phone Culture

Undeniably customer-oriented
Consistently genuine and authentic
Relentless in pursuit of excellence
Persistent in our innovation and development
Proactive in giving back to the community

Our Commitment

Here at Print By Phone, our vision is to redesign the process of printing to its simplest and most accessible form. We aim to be a relevant yet genuine e-commerce printing platform by constantly understanding the needs of the ever-evolving consumer market. We are committed to be the fastest, accommodating to your most urgent requests, yet never compromising on quality.

Our Origin Story

Print By Phone started as an effort to meet the needs of the e-commerce market by bringing our printing services online. By adopting an end-to-end printing platform and file-uploading system, the process was significantly reduced and simplified.

However, despite its relatively new entry into the online market, Print By Phone still retains its foundational values from Botak Sign Pte Ltd. Built upon decades of trust and reliability when it comes to our craft, we aim to provide the same high-quality service with the vision of not only transforming the e-commerce print industry, but also challenge the status quo and let the values of Botak Sign transcend beyond just printing.


Dedicated to sustainability and contributing to a greener future, Print By Phone feels the responsibility to use environmentally-friendly HP latex inks that are not only non-toxic, but come from renewable sources and do not contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). HP latex inks also deliver more applications and are odorless - ideal for indoor environments like schools and hospitals. By choosing to incorporate HP latex inks into our printing, we hope to lead the change in sustainable printing.


Great products aren't great unless they reach your hands on time. With our large number of inkjet and laser printers and a dedicated production team that runs 24hrs a day, you can be assured we take our speed incredibly seriously to ensure orders get to you on time. We not only specialize in last-minute printing with our RUSH express printing and delivery services, we also cater to smaller order quantities as all orders - whether big or small - are as important to us as they are to you.

Privacy & Security

When it comes to ensuring the security and integrity of your files, we make sure that strict privacy practices are in place so that your files remain safe and confidential. For sensitive documents that require higher levels of privacy, do contact us so that we can arrange for a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

For more information on our privacy practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Color Accuracy

To keep up with producing your orders on a tight deadline, sometimes a single print job is run by several machines at the same time. However, all color results are identical on all prints as they go through our centrally-controllable color management system. This system allows us to produce consistent colors regardless of printer or material with an accuracy of between Delta E 1 - 4.